To Gaza with Love (But no Tears for Israelis)

On Friday, Nov. 23, after the Hamas-Israel cease-fire went into effect, hundreds of Palestinians stormed into a land strip inside Gaza's border which Israel had declared a no-go zone. In an effort to halt the breaching of the border, Israeli soldiers fired warning shots to get Gaza provocateurs to turn around. When that didn't do it, they fired shots at their legs. One Gazan was killed and several wounded. Hamas, apparently trying to keep the cease-fire from breaking down, sent its security forces to escort the demonstrators away from the no-go strip along the border. But this isn't the way the New York Times reported this event in its Nov. 24 editions ("Tension and Confusion Linger in Gaza Strip After Cease-Fire"). With lots of pro-Palestinian spin, Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren, filing her story from Khanis Yunis in the border area, decided to lead with Eyad Qudaih, who lived near Gaza's eastern border for the last 12 years and who had never ventured farther east because...(Read Full Post)