The First Cabela's to Close

Cabela's is self-described as the "World's foremost outfitter", and one look at any of their stores would add an exclamation point to that claim. This author was even told how "lucky" he was to live near a Cabela's. Two stories of anything you might need to outfit a cabin or an expedition. The middle of the store is occupied by an atrium, under which sits a faux-mountain landscape, complete with taxidermy from all over the world, and an aquarium cave stocked with examples of the local trophy fish. The store itself could be mistaken for a mall, with a bargain cave, gun library, sweets shop, conference rooms, arcade and restaurant. The aisles are wide enough to fit three carts; plenty of room for the busy shoppers. The prices are pretty darn good too, almost on-line discounter good. But the store in Cook County Illinois is different; proof that while government may not be able to create jobs or improve an economy, it is more than capable of killing businesses and jobs. The first and...(Read Full Post)