Obama : 'I am a nice guy' who loves 'working with Republicans'

As Barack Obama would say, his latest attempt to bamboozle Americans:

From the Washington Times:

Striking a new tone, President Obama four days ahead of his reelection test told voters Friday that he "loves" working with Republicans.

Facing criticism from Republican rival Mitt Romney that he has failed to govern in a bipartisan manner, Mr. Obama tried to convince Ohioans that he is willing and eager to cross the aisle to break gridlock in Washington in his second term.

"When the other party has been with me to help middle-class families, I love working with them," the president told about 4,000 supporters at a high school gym in Springfield, Ohio. "When we cut taxes for middle-class families and small businesses, some of them cooperated. When we came together to repeal 'Don't ask, don't tell,' there were some courageous Republican senators who stood up. I appreciate that. I will work with anybody of any party to move this country forward."

Mr. Romney, campaigning in Wisconsin, said the president has fallen short on his promises, including a pledge in 2008 to "change the tone" in Washington.

"He promised to be a 'post-partisan president' but he became the most partisan - blaming, attacking, dividing," Mr. Romney said.

Both candidates are making appeals in the campaign's final weekend to independent voters, who according to pollsters give high marks to candidates who support bipartisanship. But even as Mr. Obama touted his efforts to work with Republicans, the president warned that he is only willing to go so far in search of legislative deals.

"I want everybody to be clear, there are still going to be some struggles and some fights," Mr. Obama said. "I'm a very nice guy, people will tell you."

My stream of consciousness thoughts:

"Vote for Revenge"; I bring a gun to a knife fight; Greedy Doctors; cops acting stupidly; "fat cat " bankers; "I am the only one standing between you and pitchforks" ; 'I won" (his response to Republicans who came forward with ideas for crafting the stimulus-that he ignored and treated with the contemptuous "I won"); "typical white person"; "Stage 3 Romnesia";  "you're "likeable enough, Hillary"; Americans have grown "soft" and "lazy" and "lack ambition"; Republicans want to build "moats" and fill them with "alligators" on the Mexican border, and want to poison our air and water; Republican principles can be encapsulated in a tweet; Republicans are members of the Flat Earth Society who need legislation broken up into small pieces to understand it; "bitter clingers"; people won't vote for me because I have "a funny name and did I mention I was black" whose face is not like the faces on dollar bills; "elections are always tight when you have a name like "Barack Obama"; chaos in the Middle East and murders of Americans are "bumps in the road" "suboptimal"; I am here as "eye candy";  Obama believes America is no more "exceptional" than Greeks would believe their country to be exceptional; it's all George Bush's fault; "Americans don't think clearly when they are "scared";  people who watch Fox News are "stubborn"; "I am a better speechwriter than my speechwriters, better political director than my political director"; "jokingly" comparing his bad bowling to Special Olympic athletes; Republicans are "bomb-throwers" and "hostage takers" who sip Slurpees while driving the economy into the ditch and will have to sit in  "the back of the bus"; "stop cryin' " (to African-Americans who complain he has not done enough for them);  inviting Paul Ryan to sit in the front of the audience when discussing fiscal issues just to insult him publicly to his face; dismissing John McCain's offer to work with him on health care reform by contemptuously stating "the election is over John" and walking awayl; Romney is a "bullshitter";

And to top it off:

Americans should say 'thank you" to me.

The list of insults he enjoys spewing and examples of him Not working with Republicans and Not being a nice guy is a long one.

Why would any American give their vote to this man?

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