Finding a Silver Lining in Obama's America

I am not ashamed to admit it: I cried the night of the election.  I cried even before the election was called, because I knew in my heart that it was over.  I cried for my country, I cried for my faith, and I cried for the loss of what I imagined would be a life free from constant worry over what the government was going to do next to reduce liberty and freedom. Reading all of the analysis and postmortems only made me feel more depressed.  This election cycle, I saw far fewer Obama bumper stickers, so during my morning-after commute it was not easy to spot the perpetrators of my despair.  I was left to guess -- "Hey, you in the SUV that you probably won't be allowed to drive in a few years, are you one?  Did you vote for four more years of waiting for four more years for things to get better?" I cried at work, telling coworkers it was my allergies.  This is something that is very believable in Florida. I started dividing my life by two dates: November 5...(Read Full Post)