Early Black Friday indicators give retailers some hope

No doubt you've heard why today is referred to as "Black Friday" - a day that will go a long way toward putting retailers in the black for the year. Early indications are that this may be one of the best Black Fridays in years: Macy's Chief Executive Terry Lundgren, for instance, stood at the door of the company's flagship shop in New York's Herald Square for 18 minutes when it opened at midnight. The flow never stopped," Lundgren said in an interview, adding that he expects traffic and sales from its stores nationwide to top those from last year, including about 11,000 at the door at the New York store. Sustaining the momentum "is key. We are going to do everything to keep shoppers coming." Read related blog post about shoppers at different stores. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that signals the traditional start of retailers' biggest selling period, actually began on Thursday this year with increasing numbers of retailers, including Wal-Mart Stores...(Read Full Post)