Obamacare will make us a part time nation

There are already 8 million Americans working part time who want to work full time. It seems likely that number will skyrocket once Obamacare is implemented.

An Obamacare supporter is as stupid as the Democrats who passed the legislation in the first place:

When my better half told me that her boss was thinking about cutting all full-time employees to part time in order to avoid the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act insurance requirements (for full-time employees), my initial response was, "Surely the federal government wouldn't have allowed such a blatantly obvious way of getting out of the requirement." But that turned out to be false.

In fact, major names in the service/hospitality industry (e.g., Denny's, Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse) are already in the process of going to a part-time employee schedule for all employees. Thus, as a very possible consequence of the short-sightedness of the Affordable Care Act legislators, more people will be working two jobs to make ends meet.

Yet acquiring a second part-time job may be an impossibility for a large number of service/hospitality employees. Most part-time employees in this industry do not work full eight-hour shifts in a day. Rather, they work five to six days a week for four to six hours at a time during the busiest hours. Thus, it may not be possible for part-time workers to work more than one job, because the days they will be available to work will have been constrained by the part-time job they are trying to supplement.

The problems, however, may not end there. Because more people will be forced into part-time positions and into working multiple jobs, then less people will have the time to go to college, have benefits like vacation and sick days, and will have little time for rest, relaxation and spending time with family.

The Affordable Care Act was designed to benefit, not burden, millions of Americans without health care. It is mind-boggling that the legislators who worked on this act allowed such a loophole, and equally as mind-boggling that this issue isn't at the forefront of the news.

Just what does this guy think the government can do to prevent businesses from taking actions that will keep them profitable? I will bet that there are millions of Obama supporters like this fellow who will be calling on Congress to force businesses to keep employees working full time even if it means they will bankrupt themselves.

Of course, this course of action by businesses was predicted by opponents of Obamacare - its just that this guy wasn't paying any attention.

Neither were Democrats.

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