Cracking Down on Double-Voting?

KXNT News Las Vegas, a CBS affiliate, reports today that a woman has been arrested for attempting to vote twice.  The woman, a registered Republican, is accused of voting at a polling place in Henderson and then attempting to vote at another polling place in Las Vegas on the same day.  Officials say that this indicates two things: "...we take all elections complaints very seriously and investigate them thoroughly[,]" and "... this demonstrates the integrity of the system." Good job to the authorities.  However, there is another aspect that is not mentioned in the report.  Identity theft is a major problem in the country today.  How do authorities know that the vote in Henderson was not cast by an identity thief?  According to a report from January 2012, also from CBS News Las Vegas: Right now Nevada voters do not always have to show identification.  When you go to vote, a poll worker will ask you to provide your address or date of birth, and you...(Read Full Post)