Number-One Loser

I am staring at my television watching endless gas lines around New York.  I remember the seventies, when there were long lines at the gas stations.  I lived in the suburbs.  I remember fights breaking out.  I was in my twenties, and I wondered what civilization was coming to.

My whole life, I can't think of any times when the lines were long at gas stations -- except during  Carter's and Obama's reigns.

In the seventies, Jimmy Carter was mouthing platitudes about how he could solve the energy shortage if we "cut back and used less."  Pampered presidents are always looking for others to "cut back."  Obama is always telling the most generous that they are not paying their fair share.  Everyone should kick in, except Carter and Obama, so that our presidents can keep their bloated share of the pie.

Carter and Obama promised us the world.  The world slipped through their fingers.  Both weakened us drastically in the Middle East.  Both were the only presidents to have ambassadors killed during their reigns.  Both ruined the economy.  Both pretended they were solutions when they were the problems. 

Carter and Obama both came out of nowhere.  They had no track records.  They had done nothing of serious consequence before taking office.  They were invented by the superstitious fantasies of the electorate.  They were the consequences of the difficult terms of Nixon and Bush.  They were both the result of hippy-type thinking.  Now Carter has gone down as one of our worst presidents.  Obama will soon go down as worse.

Carter and Obama are brightly stupid.  They speak intelligently with good intentions.  But they lead us down the highway to hell.  They speed into failure while they promise apocryphal success. 

Carter and Obama stand in the footprints of big government.  They have a lack of imagination common to socialists.  They can't fathom a free-enterprise system where competing views clash and form dialectical compromises.  Their minds are too limited.  They think monolithically.  Ideologues can't juggle various thoughts and drop ideas that don't fit into their restrictive patterns.  

Carter weakened us in the Middle East, and it took Regan to free the hostages from the embassy in Iran.  But Carter wasn't facing a nuclear Iran.  It will take Romney to free us from that threat and to balance Israel against the Islamists running wild in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, etc.

Carter, like Obama, believed in green energy.  Like Obama, he didn't understand that we don't have any workable green energy and that until we do, it doesn't make sense to curtail our dependency on gas and oil.  Obama ignores drilling of our own oil in order to chase windmills and lose our money on solar panels.  Like all progressives, he looks to the future without understanding the availabilities of the present.

Because Carter and Obama and the world assumed that they were bright, they freely destroyed the bad economies that they inherited by spending wily-nilly.   They used the taxpayer's money as their own piggy banks.  Carter was a piker, though, compared to Obama, who raised our debt to 16 trillion dollars.  

I imagine Carter knocking nails into one of his Habitat for Humanity homes, saying to himself, "Thank God for Obama.  I'm no longer the Number-One Loser."

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