Number-One Loser

I am staring at my television watching endless gas lines around New York.  I remember the seventies, when there were long lines at the gas stations.  I lived in the suburbs.  I remember fights breaking out.  I was in my twenties, and I wondered what civilization was coming to. My whole life, I can't think of any times when the lines were long at gas stations -- except during  Carter's and Obama's reigns. In the seventies, Jimmy Carter was mouthing platitudes about how he could solve the energy shortage if we "cut back and used less."  Pampered presidents are always looking for others to "cut back."  Obama is always telling the most generous that they are not paying their fair share.  Everyone should kick in, except Carter and Obama, so that our presidents can keep their bloated share of the pie. Carter and Obama promised us the world.  The world slipped through their fingers.  Both weakened us drastically in the Middle East.  Both...(Read Full Post)