Conservative Optimism

A conservative friend asked me if there are reasons for optimism concerning the future of America in the upcoming national elections. My answer was "yes" and these are the reasons: I see that a number of conservative factions have managed to unite in their support of Mitt Romney. Their support is of the man, and not of his party. There is hope that Mr. Romney will recognize this tentative trust in him and honor it by promoting conservatism as did Ronald Reagan. One can point out that the support of Romney is based more out of fear of Obama and the socialist order that he has promoted and pursued rather than belief in Romney's commitment to conservative principles of governance. There remains a distrust of the Republican Party and its current leaders as to their primary motivation, methods, and commitment to the Constitution. But rather than settle for despair, I see reasons for optimism which may be summed up in one word; "Benghazi". The emerging story of Benghazi...(Read Full Post)