Compromising with Obama

The Republicans need to realize that compromising with Obama is a battle that they just cannot win. Obama has his Chicago spin machine controlling the messaging and he has the adoring Liberal media in his back pocket. When it comes to taxes, Obama's position is very clear: "As I've said all along, we need a balanced approach. But Republicans continue to put the concerns of the rich ahead of the concerns of middle-class Americans who are struggling. So, while I regret that a deal wasn't possible at this time, I still hope that we can get both parties to see that everybody's gotta compromise a little bit and can't always get everything they want." This reminds me of a line from the sitcom Rules of Engagement where Jeff and Adam discuss compromise. "It's like when we got our first apartment, she wanted to get a cat. I didn't want to get a cat. Sooo, we compromised and got a cat." (enjoy video here) If you follow the television series you will notice that after years of ...(Read Full Post)