How Luke Russert made me do the unthinkable

Aaargh!  Although I've never met NBC reporter Luke Russert or have seen him on television, I've developed an extreme dislike of him.   Why?  Because he has forced me to do the unthinkable--defend Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), even agree with her.  Aaargh again!  

Pelosi announced she planned on remaining House Minority Leader in the next Congress, Russert asked 

"Some of your colleagues privately say that your decision to stay on prohibits the party from having a younger leadership and hurts the party in the long term," he said. "What's your response?"

"Age discrimination!" some of Pelosi's colleagues shouted. "Boo!"

"Next!" Pelosi cried, adding, "Oh, you've always asked that question, except to Mitch McConnell!" The women behind her applauded.

I am over 30; ok, over 40.  Pelosi is over 70 and my, doesn't she look good?   So, had I been there I would have joined in booing Russert.

Look, this is difficult for me.

Totally clueless, oblivious to reality,  Russert continued. 

"No, excuse me," he said. "You, Mr. Hoyer, Mr. Clyburn, you're all over 70. Is your decision to stay on prohibiting younger members from moving forward?" 

As I mentioned, this is really hard for me but being an honest person  I must admit Pelosi's next response was also perfect.

"Let's for a moment honor it as a legitimate question, although it's quite offensive," Pelosi responded. "You don't realize that, I guess." She went on to say that she had no concerns about the question Russert raised, adding flatly, "the answer is no."

Of course, she and her Democratic colleagues had no compunctions in 2008 about contrasting the age of Republican presidential nominee, war hero and experienced Congressman John McCain with he Democratic presidential nominee.  

Russert later tweeted 

While Pelosi laughed off my Q as age-ist, many House Ds will privately gripe it hurts caucus that all 3 leaders are 70+

Hey, Luke Russert, haven't you heard, 70 is the new 40? 

And they vote.  

Oh of course Pelosi wants to retain her post.  Sure the multi millionaire is  certainly more than eager to pay her fair share of the taxes that President Barack Obama (D) wants to impose to pay for the staggering deficits she blithely approved.  

But now that Obamacare has passed and she knows what's in it, as a Medicare eligible individual she doesn't want it for herself.  And members of Congress are exempt from it.  How convenient.    

But no matter her age,  more power to her.  Luke Russert, you're 27.  Grow up; you might learn something.