How Luke Russert made me do the unthinkable

Aaargh!  Although I've never met NBC reporter Luke Russert or have seen him on television, I've developed an extreme dislike of him.   Why?  Because he has forced me to do the unthinkable--defend Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), even agree with her.  Aaargh again!   After Pelosi announced she planned on remaining House Minority Leader in the next Congress, Russert asked  "Some of your colleagues privately say that your decision to stay on prohibits the party from having a younger leadership and hurts the party in the long term," he said. "What's your response?" "Age discrimination!" some of Pelosi's colleagues shouted. "Boo!" "Next!" Pelosi cried, adding, "Oh, you've always asked that question, except to Mitch McConnell!" The women behind her applauded. I am over 30; ok, over 40.  Pelosi is over 70 and my, doesn't she look good?   So, had I been there I would have joined in booing Russert. Look, this is difficult for me....(Read Full Post)