A Hard Reality of Romney's Loss: Demographic Change

In preliminary analyses, the 2012 electorate was closer to the 2008 than the 2004 electorate.  Blacks, Hispanics, younger Americans, and single women in large part fueled President Obama's reelection victory.  More than Romney's shortcomings, more than voter fraud, and more than evident mainstream media bias, changes in the nation's electoral makeup would have made it hard for a better challenger than Mitt Romney to win.      With two consecutive national election victories, Democrats are demonstrating that 2008 wasn't a fluke.  2008 and 2012 are the stuff of realignment.  The electorate has changed, and conservatives need to come to grips with that fact and formulate strategies that take these changes into account.  If a moribund economy, reckless government spending, and an unpopular government health care scheme couldn't sink Mr. Obama, what can?  As American Thinker contributor Steve McCann wrote in a post earlier this morning: It...(Read Full Post)