When will there be an end...to Kennedys in Congress?

Old Scottish prayer, slightly modified:

From ghoulies, and ghosties, and long legged beasties, and Kennedys in Congress - Oh Lord, deliver us:

After a two-year absence, the famed Kennedy family once again has an elected representative in national politics.

Joe Kennedy III will serve Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District, having handily defeated GOP opponent Sean Bielat, according to a CNN projection.

The seat became open when longtime Democratic Rep Barney Frank, who has been a leading proponent of financial regulations, announced he was retiring earlier this year.

Kennedy is the 32-year-old grandson of the slain New York Senator Robert Kennedy. His great-uncles are the late President John F. Kennedy and long-time Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, who died in office in 2009.

Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island left office in January 2011, ending his family's 64-year streak of service in the U.S. Congress.

This one will be running for president in 2020. That doesn't bother me as much as the fact that the entire family exudes a sense of entitlement in politics - as if the American voter owes them for...something. They do nothing without a political calculation behind it which in a republic, is not only unseemly but dangerous.

Compare this grasping, conniving, lecherous family with the Adams clan of presidents, educators, war heroes - true servants of the republic. Believe me - the Kennedy's do not come off well by comparison. For most Kennedys, public office is not an end of itself but a means to achieve celebrity and notoriety.

As long as they are able to mooch off the ill-gotten wealth of their patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy, the toothsome clan will be able to buy a congressional seat just about any time they wish. And we Americans will have to put up with their insufferable escapades, dotingly reported by a starry eyed press who will forever be seeking the next "Camelot."