Two Views of the Same Debate

The Media is already suggesting that "style will trump substance".  And the spin begins. The better cosmetology and voice inflections wins. The gift of this assertion is that the comment actually distills to the essence, the contrast between the parties and punctuates the subliminal mechanisms of the press.  The celebrity attraction of Obama is admitted to be paramount.  The futility of attempting to debate facts with a liberal is now finally understood. It is all explained by the "style trumping substance" world of the liberal.   It is chic and cult like to be on board the Obama train. On debate night, one tranche of the voting public will look for substance and factual presentation.  Solid math with no double counting will score points.  Hard realities and solutions will resonate well. Operating a small business or balancing the families finances will project to properly managed government. Yet another group will analyze the warmth and the...(Read Full Post)