Univision Leaves Out Key Facts on Fast and Furious Cover-up

Univision's "bombshell" special on the Fast and Furious operation rightly focused on a U.S. government project that led to bloody massacres in Mexico, but the network stopped short by not directly tying the program to Obama and Holder.

The investigators failed to focus on Holder's contempt of Congress charge for refusing to hand over 70 - 80,000 documents requested by the House Oversight Committee. They didn't call out President Obama's blatant move to protect his Attorney General by declaring Executive Privilege on the same day!

The one-hour special also ignored top officials laying out their goals for a gun walking operation in 2009. The March 24, 2009 press conference which introduced the administration's comprehensive plan to "take the fight to the drug cartels" was the genesis of the ratcheted up body count in Mexico. Why would the hard-hitting Univision report leave that out?

At the conference Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Deputy Attorney General David Ogden
stated they were initiating an extensive program that would interdict weapons before they crossed into Mexico. They announced their plan would trace weapons leading to arrests of drug cartel kingpins and in doing so their respective agencies would have the full cooperation of the Mexican government.

As it turns out Mexico did not know about Fast and Furious nor were the guns interdicted or traced. Napolitano and Ogden, Obama's and Holder's surrogates at the conference lied. Later Fast and Furious whistleblowers would bring their concerns of un-interdicted weapons and mass murder in Mexico to their superiors who brushed off their worries with arrogant and flippant comments.

One thing Napolitano and Ogden didn't lie about was their intention to put their plan into action. The Deputy Attorney General couldn't have been clearer stating "under the President's leadership" he and AG Holder were taking "new and aggressive" steps to "target Mexican trafficking" using $10 million in Recovery Act funds.

So, in light of Ogden's earlier statement citing the President's "leadership" in their decision to take the fight to the cartels, Obama's last minute invoking of executive privilege this past June shows a time-line of a cover-up leading straight to the Oval office. The hope was Univision would do what our own corrupted press refuses to do--connect Obama, Ogden, Holder and the rest of the cabal in DC to Fast and Furious.

Instead, intermingled in the graphic accounts of more guns traced to the Phoenix operation, were jabs at the number of gun stores on the Mexican-American border and unfeeling Americans who only care about their own.

Mexican poet Javier Sicilia whose own son was killed as a result of the drug wars told the Univision reporter:

Americans are not often moved by the pain of those outside [their country] But they are moved by the pain of their own. Well, turn around and watch the massacres.

Mr. Sicilia's justifiable anger should be directed toward the Obama-run media, not Americans or the alternative press who have been writing about the victims in Mexico for almost two years. It's Holder, Obama and the complicit media who have shown no compassion for the dead.

So was Univision carrying water for the Obama administration by omitting the press conference, the cover-up and Holder's contempt charges? Was the exposé a way to suggest the United States and their "lax" gun laws are to blame?

Leaving out Holder's, Obama's, Clinton's and Napolitano's culpability in the Fast and Furious murders begs the question Univision did not ask. What ATF field supervisor is going to order underlings to arm some of the most violent criminals on the planet in a sovereign nation creating what amounts to state-sponsored terrorism without the approval of the one at the top of the food chain?

Univision's report was better than nothing and did validate evidence uncovered by online journalist/bloggers who have been working hard to get the story out. Will the network's graphic images of the bloody Fast and Furious corpses, many of them children, be enough to rouse the major networks out of their stupor enough to follow the evidence into the Oval Office where the gun walking operation most likely started?

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