Univision Leaves Out Key Facts on Fast and Furious Cover-up

Univision's "bombshell" special on the Fast and Furious operation rightly focused on a U.S. government project that led to bloody massacres in Mexico, but the network stopped short by not directly tying the program to Obama and Holder. The investigators failed to focus on Holder's contempt of Congress charge for refusing to hand over 70 - 80,000 documents requested by the House Oversight Committee. They didn't call out President Obama's blatant move to protect his Attorney General by declaring Executive Privilege on the same day! The one-hour special also ignored top officials laying out their goals for a gun walking operation in 2009. The March 24, 2009 press conference which introduced the administration's comprehensive plan to "take the fight to the drug cartels" was the genesis of the ratcheted up body count in Mexico. Why would the hard-hitting Univision report leave that out? At the conference Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Deputy Attorney...(Read Full Post)