The last journalist standing

The Benghazi question during Tuesday's presidential debate not only spurred a flair-up between Romney, Obama and Candy Crowley, but it may also create quite a stir in the liberal MSM. The essential point Mitt Romney was trying to make before Candy Crowley decided to "organically" intervene, was why, if President Obama did in fact call Benghazi a terrorist attack the morning after the attack, did he and his administration surrogates for the next two weeks continue to say that the attack was "in fact" a result of a spontaneous demonstration and Internet movie trailer? To boil it down, in spite of both Crowley's and Obama's attempts to obfuscate the facts and move on, Romney's question of what did President Obama know about the Benghazi attack and when did he know it has put the liberal MSM in quite a quandary.    Up until now, the liberal MSM has decided not to ask Benghazi questions with any real journalistic seriousness in an obvious effort to protect the president. But that...(Read Full Post)