An MSNBC - Andrea Mitchell gender pay gap?

Faster than a speeding bullet, faster than the speed of sound, indeed, faster than the speed of light,
Andrea Mitchell retracted a statement before she said it.  And she did it on her eponymous MSNBC chat, interview, news Andrea Mitchell Reports gig.  Discussing the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act with Mitt Romney (R) adviser Barbara Comstock, the two ladies agreed 

"We know here at MSNBC the guys get paid more," Comstock jumped in, laughing. "We know that." "We certainly do," Mitchell replied.

"So this is one of the places where you need to be a little bit more public with it," Comstock said.

As the interview wrapped, Comstock again brought up the issue of fair pay at MSNBC. "You get after MSNBC here, Andrea," Comstock said. "Make sure the women make the same here." "Thank you very much," Mitchell replied.

But did the very liberal, very smart Mitchell actually state that her employer, the uber liberal MSNBC, discriminated against women?  She did not. 

UPDATE: (4:03 p.m.): Andrea Mitchell tells POLITICO, "I was referring to the industry as a whole. This remark has been taken out of context." MSNBC spokeswoman Lauren Skowronski adds, "We take this issue very seriously and I can tell you that we're proud of the gender equality at MSNBC."

Oh so proud, Ms. Skowronski. 

Meanwhile, the Democratic liberal war  on women continues.