The Fall of the House of Soetero

The ancient bards tell us that "whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." Having exceeded this century's allotment for narcissism and fatal hubris, our third-millennial Sun King is now reaping the ironic and convulsive wrath of both man and nature. Having promised to slow the rising of the oceans and to begin healing the planet in June of 2008, Mr. Obama is learning the adamantine lesson that grandiosity, altruism, and rhetoric can carry a demi-god only so far, and that the three Fates alone decide where and when the political Ribbon of Life is to be severed. Like an aging Oedipus who cannot escape the prophesy of his own malevolent downfall, the lies of Benghazi and the ghostly shades of four innocent men are wraiths haunting his Oval Palace; and in the augury of tea leaves and entrails of poultry, the Fall of the House of Soetero has been long decided. Moreover, if adding insult to injury is not of itself sufficient, less than half a fortnight before his quadrennial...(Read Full Post)