While Others Seek Shelter...

While Washington is closed down by Hurricane Sandy and the country is left to wonder why there was no attempt by our military to save our brave SEALs at Benghazi, one small group of Americans stands tall in the face of nature's adversity. I'd be willing to bet that in spite of their creed, the U.S. Postal Service is on hold until the storm passes, but not the Third Herd, the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the United States Army, whose proud members will be walking their posts at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 24/7 throughout this fierce storm while others of their regiment may be serving in far-flung areas of conflict..

As reported by the military blog, This Ain't Hell (But you can see it from here), the 3rd Infantry Regiment, known traditionally as the Old Guard, and within the ranks of fellow soldiers as the Third Herd, is maintaining its presence at the Tomb, in Arlington National Cemetery, regardless of the weather conditions. These dedicated young sentinels, many of them combat veterans, take a deadly serious view of their duty to guard and honor the burial place of those unknown American warriors lost in foreign battles where battlefield conditions denied the ability to identify their remains. We, as a nation, owe these guardians of that hallowed tomb a great debt, as they serve under the most adverse of conditions, such as now, during this monster hurricane, to fulfill this nation's debt to our unknown dead.

Many of these young sentries will be soaked and chilled to the bone, shivering throughout their marching tours as Sandy passes their sacred post, but you can bet the farm they will be there, come whatever nature delivers. Their service may not quite measure up to the rigors of ground combat, but it requires a stoic, noble sacrifice which is to be honored and respected, make no mistake. Third Herd, as an old combat infantryman, I think I speak for millions of my brothers when I say:

We deeply respect your sense of duty, honor, country, and salute your service.