Syria tells UNSC they support 'terrorism'

The Syrian foreign minister addressed the security council today and proved that he has taken flight from reality. Washington Post: Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem accused some U.N. Security Council members Monday of supporting "terrorism" in a speech colored by conspiratorial undertones that clearly aimed at the United States and its allies that support the Syrian opposition. Addressing the U.N. General Assembly's annual gathering of world leaders, al-Moallem said that efforts by Syria and the world to end the 18-month war will fail unless Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya and others stop arming and financing the opposition and instead "encourage dialogue and renounce violence." Al-Moallem argued that the Assad regime is confronting a myriad of conspiracies by internal and external forces determined to end its 40-year rule and accused forces as diverse as the media and international organizations of attempting to destabilize the country. "This terrorism, which is...(Read Full Post)