Look who are among top givers to the Obama campaign

I can't say I'm surprised:

U.S. government employees and their families have thus far contributed $396,550 to President Barack Obama's reelection campaign, making them one of the top five sources of cash for the campaign to reelect the president, according to Opensecrets.org.

Employees of the U.S. State Department and their families have, by themselves, contributed $213,256 to the Obama reelection campaign. Standing alone, State Department employees and their families are the 17th largest contributors to the Obama campaign, ranking just above the employees and family members of Wells Fargo, who have contributed $202,216 to the Obama campaign. 

By contrast, employees of five major banks and their families have been among the top sources of campaign funds for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The academic community has also been very supportive of President Obama's reelection bid. With employees of the University of California and their families being the very top contributors to his campaign--having given the campaign a total of $703,781 in campaign contributions so far in this election cycle--and employees of Harvard and their families being the fourth largest contributors to the president's campaign.

Here, as calculated by OpenSecrets.org, are the top five organizations whose employees and employee family members have given the most to President Obama's reelection campaign:

1.    University of California -- $703,781

2.    Microsoft -- $544,445

3.    Google Inc -- $526,009

4.    Harvard University -- $431,860

5.    U.S. Government -- $396,550

It chills the soul to wonder what kind of benefit federal workers expect from Obama if he is re-elected. Obviously, they want to keep their jobs but might there also be another item on their agenda? An expansion of the federal work force, unfreezing wages, more time off, more liberal leave policy - the list of bennies government workers might expect to get in a second Obama term leaves no doubt why so many give so much to Obama's re-election.

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