Romney vs. Obama: the Sound and the Fury

Watching the first presidential debate, I was struggling to figure out why this particular contest seemed so familiar to me.  It was only at the end that I realized I had seen it before. It was November 9, 1996.  I was hosting a viewing party for what would prove to be one of the greatest heavyweight fights of all time.  Evander Holyfield was seeking to reclaim the heavyweight title.  Holyfield's opponent, by virtually all accounts, was unbeatable: the notorious "Iron" Mike Tyson. On paper -- which is to say in the press -- Holyfield didn't have a prayer.  At one point, the odds makers put his chances of winning the bout at 25 - 1.  This was due to the successful, but "lackluster" title defenses he put up against well-past-prime former champions George Forman, Larry Holmes and non-champion Bert Cooper, as well as the loss of his heavyweight title to Michael Moorer two years prior. Tyson, on the other hand, had ripped through his previous four fights in a...(Read Full Post)