The 'Cubanization' of Venezuela is now complete

Put me down as someone who believes that Chavez stole the election.  Again, I don't know of any serious Venezuelan who thought that Chavez would get 54% of the vote.  

Chavez' election means that Venezuela will now join Cuba as the other socialist failure in Latin American.   It is amazing how much damage Chavez has done to a very nice country like Venezuela:  

"His continuation in power for another six-year term will no doubt rob Venezuela of the economic growth opportunities that are spurring job creation and investment elsewhere in the region.   Venezuela's professional class of lawyers, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs have fled the country in droves."  (Dallas Morning News)  

Last, but not least, the Obama administration quickly blessed the election. Why?  What was the point of legitimizing a stolen election?  I don't get that!   Venezuela now moves into uncharted waters.  The nation's economy is in shambles. 

The Iranian influence continues.  Chavez will become more irrational specially now that he has the blessing of the US.  

Yes Chavez wins and Venezuela loses!  It's hard to find anything pretty about what we saw in Venezuela on Sunday night.  

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