Pennsylvania Judge Ignores United States Supreme Court

In 2008 the SCOTUS ruled that there was no burden involved in requiring a photo ID for voting purposes and that such a requirement would not impede a person from voting. In the decision, "Justice John Paul Stevens, who announced the judgment of the court and wrote an opinion in which Chief John G. Roberts Jr. and Anthony M. Kennedy joined, alluded to -- and brushed aside -- complaints that the law benefits Republicans and works against Democrats, whose ranks are more likely to include poor people or those in minority groups. Article. Despite this ruling by the United States Supreme Court "A judge on Tuesday blocked Pennsylvania from requiring voters to show photo identification in November's U.S. election, a decision that could influence turnout in a top electoral prize in the presidential race.  "Judge Robert Simpson delayed its implementation until after Election Day, November 6. Simpson, however, did signal the law, which requires people seeking to vote to show either a...(Read Full Post)