Muslim Ideology and Western Freedom of Speech

Worried Muslim leaders have begun setting up a confrontation with the western world, and America in particular, involving modern human rights.  As Reuters reports: Muslim leaders were in unison at the United Nations this week arguing that the West was hiding behind its defense of freedom of speech and ignoring cultural sensitivities in the aftermath of anti-Islam slurs that have raised fears of a widening East-West cultural divide. Because Islam is an ideology bent on world domination while masquerading as a religion, it's easy to see how the leaders of that ideology, which severely restricts the liberty and freedom of any subjects under its domination, would not tolerate freedom of expression threatening that tight control. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said it was time to put an end to the protection of Islamophobia masquerading as the freedom to speak freely. "Unfortunately, Islamophobia has also become a new form of racism like anti-Semitism. It can no longer be...(Read Full Post)