Univision practices journalism

Once again, Univision practiced journalism! 

This is what journalism used to look like in the US before the media fell for "hope and change" like teen girls at a Beatles' concert.

The girls would go crazy for Paul when he sang "All my loving"?  I am sorry to report that journalists have been like those teen girls of yesteryear!

On Sunday, Univision decided to tackle "Fast & Furious," the operation that put 2,000 high powered weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  It was a good report and exposed the program like no other media outlet had done before!

Univision did something called "investigative reporting" or what we used to see a lot of in the US before January 2007 when Senator Obama decided to challenge Senator Clinton.  

Univision showed how the Obama administration made one mistake after another.  It also demonstrated beyond any doubt that AG Holder is a liar or the most incompetent executive in history. 

This is a scandal of huge proportions because thousands are dead in Mexico and the US government put guns in another country.  The US government armed Mexico's # 1 enemy - the criminal cartels terrorizing the country and threatening our neighbor's sovereignty.

The Obama administration was not interested in helping Mexico.  They were just looking for an excuse to get at gun shops on the border and blame them for the thousands of weapons in Mexico.

Bush wanted to help Mexico.  Obama wanted to get the 2nd amendment.

Thankfully, the Obama plan blew up in their faces and exposed the incompetence, arrogance and anti-2nd Amendment priorities of this administration.

Again, we thank Univision for practicing journalism.  We needed that! 

Will another organization get inspired and do something similar about Solyndra?  Or how the Obama administration gave federal loan guarantees to rich Democrats who contributed to their campaign?

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