Approving and Endorsing Pelosi, Reid, Jones and Holder

Those who wish vote for President Obama must be reminded that to do so is to endorse the actions and non actions of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Van Jones, and Eric Holder.

Even though this would likely be a" lark of logic" for those who still are in Obama's camp, it might be entertaining to consider in piecemeal fashion  the approval they are giving to those mentioned.

Simply, Reid blocked all the Republican House employment bills from Senate considerations and also failed to pass a budget in 3 years.  Enough said.

Pelosi encouraged the passage of bills not read or debated in the House she controlled.

Spending hemorrhaged in her term as the Speaker of the House, the House of Congress in which spending bills originate. Enough said.

Van Jones is a Communist with an arrest record. Is this the trough from which agency appointments are drawn? Enough said.

Holder sued states that sought to enforce clones of Federal law when the Federal government failed or chose not to enforce. He turned his head on Black Panther polling abuses while he decried voting ID requirements as restrictive.  He fomented gun walking with no tracking, failed to prosecute KSM or even the Fort Hood murderer Nadal Hassan. He stonewalled a Congressional Oversight Committee whose mission was merely to discover the truth. Enough said.

Voting for Obama confirms, endorses, approves all of these malfeasances and shady operatives all of which occurred under the Obama administration and were tacitly approved by Mr. Obama himself. No debate on ethics, transparency, or responsibility here.

But maybe just as Charlie McCarthy can't be blamed for Edgar Bergen's directives, Obama can't be really responsible for Jarrett and Axelrod's string pulling.  And a vote for Obama is also a vote for Valerie and David running the country for four more years.  Their previous affiliations challenge any legitimate security clearance.