Last Chance to Get Your Absentee Ballot!

In the Season of the Vote, military members get a lot of email notices that "Time's running out and it's absolutely the last chance to get your absentee ballot!" We clearly understand the importance of voting; the national vote has an impact on our futures and is our only legal way of having a voice in the selection of our government. I've spent 29 years in the military and voted in a number of elections, but only once in person. So when I read "A Florida Plane Carrying Absentee Ballots To US Troops In Afghanistan Crashed A Week Ago," along with the possibility that some absentee ballots were incinerated, I thought it wrong such a thing could happen. We are the most technologically-advanced military the world has ever seen. We are digitally connected, on line, dialed in, wired! In the last decade, the Department of Defense and individual services have turned to automated personnel systems to manage our permanent records, manage our pay and benefits, apply for assignments or any...(Read Full Post)