Dr. Berwick Calls for Clearing Hospital Beds of Patients

This time it's not Republicans reviving the 'death panel' meme it's Dr. Donald Berwick, senior fellow at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress. The former head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid(CMS) was best known for being "in love" with the British healthcare system and for his 2009 statement: "The decision is not whether or not we will ration care -- the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly." Berwick, who has always wanted to prove the government can do a better job of providing healthcare than private insurance companies, spoke to an audience at East Carolina University. Unfortunately Berwick proved he still wants to socialize the American healthcare system.The self-avowed "extremist" concludes: The best hospital bed is an empty one. The Harvard pediatrician explained that Obamacare will cut waste by reducing reimbursements to hospitals which have high readmission rates. Thus, the empty beds reference.When a...(Read Full Post)