Bizarre Biden Frightens Me

The most frightening takeaway from Thursday evening's vice-presidential debate is that for the last four years Biden has been a coronary, cerebral hemorrhage, slip in the shower, steak lodged in the windpipe, caught in flagrante delicto by an armed Michelle away from the presidency.

The thought of that should send chills down the spine of every American who cares about the future of this nation.

Biden's performance was beyond bizarre -- it was unworldly. I'm not a druggie but I don't think a bad trip on acid could have been more unsettling. The moderator, Martha Raddatz, was equally as dreadful. I had to keep rechecking the scorecard to remind myself who it was that had actually signed up to debate Ryan.

I thought Ryan played it very well, despite what you're hearing in the mainstream media and from many on our side. Sure, Ryan could have interrupted Biden's insane ravings with the truth -- but then why bother? When your opponent is energetically making a complete ass of himself then by all means step aside and let him optimize the moment. If I was Ryan I would have thrown in a "preach on, brother!" or two in encouragement to Biden.
This election is all over, as I have been predicting for months. I'm so certain of a Romney romp that I'm growing bored with it all. I've started skipping the weekend and evening news and commentary programs in favor of "Two And A Half Men" reruns. I didn't know that show was as funny as it was, especially before Charlie Sheen's departure. I'm hooked.

The only question in my mind is just how wide Romney's victory margin is going to be on November 6. I anticipate a historical wipeout in line with Ronald Reagan's 49-state trouncing of the hapless Walter Mondale in 1984. Is it too late to give California back to the Mexicans before Election Day? Do you think they would accept it? I'm willing to sweeten the deal by throwing in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, District of Columbia, Barbra Streisand, and my family.

Nothing The One can do from now until Election Day can check his electoral free fall. For all his excuse making and promises to unleash his inner beast, President Obama - or Mushmouth, as I affectionately call him -- has proven before 70 million Americans that sans Teleprompter he lacks even the most rudimentary rhetorical skills and ability to think on his feet necessary to triumph in the next two showdowns with Romney. Guess I'll go and catch up on some more "Two And A Half Men." I hear Charlie gets it on with a hot babe this episode.