Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet. We're Hunting in Benghazi.

On the Fox News show Special Report with Bret Baier, Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard reported that he had spoken with a senior State Department official who was responsible for security in Libya and for our consulate in Benghazi. This individual indicated that as late as 8:30pm (local time), Ambassador Stevens had walked a guest out to the street, and at that time there was no evidence of any mob, crowd, demonstration, or disturbance to be seen. He further reported that there had been no indications of any unusual activity at any time during the day in the area near or around the consulate.  Benghazi has a population (as of 2011) in excess of 650,000, packed into an area of only 121 square miles.  That works out to a population density of about 5,400 people per square mile.  Not as crowded as New York or Tokyo, but definitely an urban density level. With that many people in the city surrounding the consulate, how often will there not be a least a fair number of...(Read Full Post)