Stratfor Wikileaks: Did US give guns to Sinaloa Mexican drug gang?

Was Eric Holder's Fast and Furious gun running operation just stupidity mixed with a plan to blame legal gun owners for the killings in Mexico? Or was Fast and Furious more sinister -- given that most of the guns went to the Sinaloa drug cartel, which did most of the killing? Was that just an accident, or was Fast and Furious designed to give the Sinaloa cartel victory in the Mexican drug war? 

Now Alex Newman of The New American has found Wiki-leaked emails from an Mexican diplomat to the intelligence newsletter Stratfor. 

The emails indicate that

"Federal authorities in the United States have been quietly supporting certain Mexican criminal empires, especially the Sinaloa drug cartel, in a bid to solidify the syndicates' reign as dominant powerbrokers ... If cartel chiefs cooperate with authorities, "governments will allow controlled drug trades," the (Wiki-leaked) diplomatic source wrote.

... One 2011 e­mail ... indicated that American troops were already operating in Mexico under the guise of the drug war.

...  Another bombshell uncovered in the leaked e­mails indicated that the U.S. federal government had deliberately allowed cartel hit men to murder people inside the United States if they agreed to offer their services to Washington." 

Another source reports: 

"... Narco News has already documented ...  that ICE, with the approval of US prosecutors, allowed one of its informants to participate in multiple murders inside Mexico in order to make a drug case," wrote investigative reporter Bill Conroy, one of the premier journalists covering the issue.

"... WikiLeaks released hacked e­mails from Stratfor (that) appear to confirm accusations made last year by a top Sinaloa operative. Jesus Vicente Zambada ­Niebla (who) claimed in federal court filings that the U.S. government had offered his criminal syndicate virtual immunity to import multi­ ton quantities of drugs across the border." 

Call me cynical but not surprised. 

Most of the high murder rate in Chicago is attributed to gang wars. The drug trade fuels gangs. Nobody in Chicago is able to keep down the murder rate -- or the profitable trade in crack, "party drugs," the works. 

Northern Mexico has seen a vicious civil war over the drug trade. Illegal immigration and drug smuggling go hand in hand. This administration keeps pushing for legalizing illegal immigration. Do you think they don't know how legalizing illegal migrants will make smuggling drugs even easier? 

The crack epidemic  is down from its peak rate ten years ago, but it's still endemic -- it's become part of the landscape of American life. Gangsta Rappers routinely die in shoot-outs, and the biggest money makers in the Cult of Rap are drugs, pimping, sexual slavery, and the most boring popular music in human history. I've seen teenagers ruin their lives with bad drugs, and so have you. 

Hollywood stars and athletes die from cocaine overdoses at amazingly young ages. The media call those deaths "heart attacks," but active, young people who can afford the best medical care in the world don't often die from heart attacks. The media know the truth. 

It's another censored story in America today. One reason it's censored is that high flyers in the United States live in a coke-saturated culture. Not everybody does it, but everybody knows somebody who does it. 

So when it comes to Fast and Furious, call me cynical but not stupid.