To the Shores of Tripoli

Benghazi isn't quite Tripoli, but the shores are the same.  We now have boots on the ground in Libya as Marines are being deployed.  Rightfully so.  An attack on an embassy is considered an attack on that county's soil.  So, on 9/11/2012, eleven years past the NYC attacks, we are sending Marines to Libya.  And if the metrics for sending Marines holds true, Marines might very well be sent to Egypt to defend our embassy there.  Historically, these are very troublesome actions. The murder of our ambassador certainly pushed the Egyptian activities off the front page. What it should also do is place Obama's foreign policy shortfalls on that same front page.  Where indeed are the Foreign policy achievements of the Obama administration?  One might ask, How is that Arab Spring going?  Tunisia, Algeria, et al are feeling the breeze. The disregard for the War Powers Act in the Libyan affair is still bothersome.  The mere " notification" of...(Read Full Post)