Their Idealism Was Squandered on a Charlatan

The conventional wisdom is that no one, having made a demonstrably colossal misjudgment, likes to be told, "I told you so." Considering that millions of usually thoughtful voters cast caution to the winds in 2008 and voted for a presidential candidate about whom they knew nothing, there is now a plenitude of penitents upon whom those of us who had urged caution could righteously invoke that censure. Yes, the normal conventional wisdom should caution against its use, however, my own inability to resist that wisdom in dealing with a member of my own family who had willfully suspended belief and followed the Obama rainbow, left me rather pleasantly surprised. Not only did I not get a response of righteous indignation and defense of the indefensible, I got a grudging agreement that their moment of political exhilaration was perhaps misguided and the results had proved to be disastrous. Once moved to idealism by Obama's oratory, they had now been returned to earth cruelly by the very...(Read Full Post)