Skewed polls indicate Obama's in trouble - not Romney

Certain media polls indicating Obama is ahead of Mitt Romney by as much as 10 to 12 points in swing states seem to spell disaster for Romney, but what they really say about the Obama campaign may just surprise you?

The absurdity of the skewed sample models in those polls is one thing, but what conservatives need to understand is that polls skewed to heavily favor Democrats logically point to one very important fact - Obama is in big trouble.

For one thing, Democrats and the liberal media are taking a huge chance by touting polls showing Obama up by double digits in crucial swing states as if these polls were totally valid. Obviously designed politically to depress and suppress Romney voters, these media driven and heavily reported polls can also backfire and suppress the Obama vote. Naturally, if you support Obama and are treated every day to wall-to-wall news headlines showing Obama so far ahead of Romney in the polls that the election is basically over, then you're less likely to go out of your way to vote in November. So there's a really fine line between turning out your voters and turning off your voters when using polling data like this. In this case, it is probably safe to say that internal Democrat polls show low enthusiasm and turnout expectations for Obama supporters across the electorate demographic, so the skewed poll strategy is worth the risk for the campaign.

This risky strategy also indicates that internal Democrat polling is probably more in line with Rasmussen and Dick Morris, showing that Obama is running even or maybe even losing ground to Romney in swing states. Conventional political wisdom makes this evident because a campaign wouldn't waste time and money in states where their candidate is up by 10 or more points, but Obama has a full schedule in all the swing states and you can bet it's not because he's trying to build a 20 point lead before the election. Obama is spending a lot of time and money in those states precisely because his campaign knows it's either very close or he is running behind.

Furthermore, these polls showing huge leads for Obama are not showing any signs of discouraging Romney supporters. In fact, this aspect of the strategy may also backfire and intensify fervor and enthusiasm for Romney just like the attacks on the Tea Party did in 2010 and the attacks on Governor Scott Walker did in Wisconsin turning out record Republican and conservative voters.

Don't be fooled, these skewed polls only show that the Obama campaign and the liberal media are running on empty and desperate enough to try anything to win this election.

Fortunately for America it's not going to work.

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