Taxing Soda Better Than Banning It?

Nanny Bloomberg's soda ban has a new critic.  A recent article by Slate suggests that the best way to force people to drink healthy would be through the use of a "sin tax" instead of an outright ban on large soda sizes -- like we need any more taxes. Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to ban the sale of 32-ounce sodas has hit up against some serious negative public opinion of late. First there was the Million Big Gulp March, in which a sprinkling of protestors showed up to protect the right to buy supersized beverages. More problematically for the mayor, a New York Times poll found that 60 percent of New Yorkers oppose the ban. The Times' quote from Queens resident Bob Barocas bluntly summed up the opposition to the ban: "This is like the nanny state going off the wall." No one likes to be told what to do. And if the city is banning supersized soda, some fear that it won't be long before the government will be forcing broccoli down our gullets. Maybe it's time to revisit a gentler...(Read Full Post)