Presidente: Donde la verdad?

If it was rude for Congressman Joe Wilson to leap to his feet during your State of the Union speech and yell "You Lie!", how many others have bit their tongue? The list grows. What is equally rude and repetitively dishonest is the false impressions and inaccurate portrayal of events and conditions that seem to be endemic and intrinsic in the Obama world. These presentations of questionable integrity are systematically presented to large audiences and broadcasted to the under informed without rebuttal or inquiry. As the song goes, "just cause you say it, don't make it so."  Unfortunately about half the country does think it so. Without knowledgeable interviewers and  while playing to adoring audiences, the President continually escapes from scrutiny at the moment, and certainly in the media. Perhaps we need another 'impolite' event.  If normal channels of polite inquisition are intentionally and rudely short circuited (i.e. the honest press conference)  is that not...(Read Full Post)