An Obama Revelation: Supporters Marking Their Right Hands

The Obama campaign recently asked its followers to write messages on their right hands and, with their hands pressed over their hearts, pledge their allegiance to Obama by posting these pictures on Twitter or Facebook.  A number of celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Alba complied.

Of course, for those who are not part of the Obama cult, such actions, as well as the very request, are creepy.  The act seems more an expression of quasi-religious adoration of and not just political support for Obama.  But for one who has read the New Testament closely, the actions are much more ominous.

I recently taught the book of Revelation to a local church Sunday School.  In Revelation 13:16-17, the Beast requires all to receive a mark on their foreheads or their right hands in order to buy and sell.  The mark is the number of the beast, 666, based on the numerical value of the beast's name.

Now, I do not consider Barack Obama to be the Beast of Revelation.  Presumably, the Beast as the preternatural earthly embodiment of satanic evil would be more competent than the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  But I do believe that by such a request -- i.e., the demonstration of allegiance to Obama through the temporary and voluntary marking of the right hand, Obama and his administration betray their inner character.

Obama is not the Anti-Christ, by all means.  But it becomes ever clearer that he and his administration are no friends of Christ or his Church and in fact are its implacable foes, even if they may pretend friendship.

If Obama is re-elected to office, conservative Christians need to be prepared for an unprecedented full-court press against their religious liberties in the last bastion of religious liberty on earth.  People of faith must not be afraid to unswervingly resist, forearmed with the knowledge that God two thousand years ago already provided insight for his people into these matters through his Holy Scriptures.