Obama goes soft

That's not fair to our President, the greatest man to have ever lived -- he's always been soft.  Look...it's not like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists in Libya are made up of dangerous ideologues prone to violence and intolerance.  Imagine, someone saying radical Islam is intolerant?    And shadowy, quasi-governmental forces have never been known to storm our embassies in the past. ...Oh wait, didn't the Iranians do something similar a few years ago?  It was back when what's his name was President, the peanut guy.  And didn't the Libyans recently shoot a grenade at the British Ambassador, while the Iranian "students" trashed the British Embassy a few months ago. In any case, this type of thing was totally unexpected.   Well anyway, the President is busy -- he's running for reelection, you know. He doesn't have time to worry about the safety of ambassadors and embassy staff.  Bigger fish to fry, in service of a noble cause,...(Read Full Post)