Jihad denial

The events of 9/11/12 should make obvious to even more Americans that Islamists dedicated to jihad by any and all means, not only control many Middle Eastern countries, they also enjoy wide popular support. But there are certain species of Americans who cannot let themselves believe that there actually is a sizable group of people in the world who want to conquer us and subject us to life under Sharia Law.

Many of these jihad denialists are liberals, but far from all of them are. Diana West makes savage fun of Senators McCain, Graham, and Leiberman, whom she terms Tweedles Dum, Dum, and Dee, for their almost painful reiteration of the blind faith that a majority of Middle Eastern Muslims sincerely want democracy, and if only they get it, they will forget what the Quran and the clergy tell them is their duty as Muslims.  On her eponymous blog, blog she quotes and comments on their joint statement on events ion Libya and Egypt:

"Despite this horrific attack, we cannot give in to the temptation to believthat our support for the democratic aspirations of people in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere in the broader Middle East is naive or mistaken.

We cannot resign ourselves to the false belief that the Arab Spring is doomed to be defined not by the desire for democracy and freedom that has inspired millions of people to peaceful action, but by the dark fanaticism of terrorists."

Notice it's all about them. Evidence of their error in supporting al Qaeda-Muslim-Brother-generic-jihad revolutions across the Arab world is penetrating the collective dome, but they are trying to resist with all of their might. What we are looking at is textbook, Psych 101 denial.

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