Obama can run from the press but he can't hide

Romney met with reporters and took loaded questions from the media and responded to all of their queries before he left. This is something he has done many times over the last several months but this time it was a little different. As reported here, several "journalists" conspired to ask Romney what they thought would be difficult and damaging questions regarding his recent Libya statements. The blatant collusion by the Liberal media members was caught on an open mic and played out just as the conspirators scripted. Obama on the other hand, upon returning from a tough day of campaigning in Colorado, stumbled humbly through a prepared statement in the White House Rose Garden. The speech was thoughtful with regard to the victims but lacked any passion or conviction in tone or words when it came to how he is going to deal with the perpetrators. When he finished reading, he walked quickly away from the reporters as they shouted questions to him. Rushing off to another...(Read Full Post)