A lot of explaining to do

I am used to Michelle Malkin being passionate and the Ace of Spades being caustic but the attacks and deaths on  the anniversary of 9/11 have even turned Powerline's usual source of inside the beltway thinking, Paul Mirengoff, quite sarcastic.  He's been posting like a madman the last three days with headlines like So what was the body count for the other side? and  Marines guarding U.S. embassy in Egypt weren't allowed live ammo.  In Please Explain he notes an odd allocation of security resources in the Obama administration.   

A reader wonders how it is that the U.S. had only a few security guards protecting an ambassador in a place as dangerous as Libya, while Valerie Jarrett gets a full Secret Service detail even while on vacation.

Yes.  Please do explain why does a woman of no special training or experience who holds a position not mandated by the Constitution or authorized by Congress rates such costly protection.   Why are taxpayers paying for Secret Service protection for a Chicago crony while Total Security At Consulate Hit By IED in June, In Al Qaeda Stronghold, On Anniversary of 9/11: 1. Doors with Locks  2. Four -- Four! -- Libyan Guards, At Least One Of Whom Betrayed Staffers?   

If we had a press corps that was interested in meeting their constitutionally protected role as the watchdog of democracy rather than serving as attack dogs against every threat to Obama's reelection those questions might have been asked months ago.