Obama apologetic about boycotting Ahmadinejad's U.N. speech

As expected, the U.S. delegation boycotted Iranian President Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN General Assembly in New York.  But the reason given by the Obama administration for this gesture is, to say the least, perplexing.   Here's the official explanation, as related by Erin Pelton, the spokeswoman for the U.N. mission to the United Nations:  "Over the last couple of days, we've seen Mr. Ahmadinejad once again use his trip to the U.N. not to address the legitimate aspirations of the Iranian people but to instead spout paranoid theories and repulsive slurs against Israel." So far so good.  But not so good when Pelton gets around to why the American delegation wasn't in the hall when Ahmadinejad went through his tirades.  Here's how she put it: "It's particularly unfortunate that Mr. Ahmadinejad will have the platform of the UNGA on Yom Kippur, which is why the United States decided not to attend." I had to read that sentence several times to get its...(Read Full Post)