Journalists, not

Media bias is no natural occurrence. Talking points issued early in the day can be detected throughout the day, almost verbatim, in arranged interviews and questioning.  Painting the media is the objective. Controlling the discussion their mission. "Journolist"  was a web-based forum where political operatives and purported journalists met to arrange the spin of the day, agree to drop coverage of certain topics, and even coordinate questionings of certain political figures. The orchestrated questioning and the symphonic printed media are no mistake.  Coordination of media bias is an arrangement between political parties and a sympathetic media. I balk at calling these participants journalists.  Journalists have standards. The Journalist's Creed "The Journalist's Creed was written by the first dean of the Missouri School of Journalism, Walter Williams. One century later, his declaration remains one of the clearest statements of the principles, values and standards...(Read Full Post)