Romney 'reckless remarks' feeding frenzy at Boston Globe

I had to cancel my subscription to the Boston Globe today, for health reasons. (I know, I should have done it years ago, but the kids like the comics.)

I suffer from mild hypertension, but at a check-up yesterday I discovered that my blood pressure was entirely in the normal range. I was pondering whether it was a coincidence that my Globe subscription had been on vacation stop for the last month. Then my subscription restarted this morning. I had heard how reporters were caught on a hot mic at the Romney press conference discussing how they would twist the story to make it about Romney. Today's Globe coverage is proof of this conspiracy. The front page placed two stories side by side: the story of murderous Islamic aggression in Egypt and Libya titled "Obama vows justice in Libya killings" and one about how "Romney causes stir with remarks on attacks."

The editorial page contains an editorial titled, "Romney's Fateful Miscue" (published online as "Romney's comments raise doubts about his foreign-policy savvy"), and an op-ed by Nicholas Burns, "Murders in Libya point to need for wise leaders in US" in which he raves and foams at the mouth about how Romney is "reckless and irresponsible" compared to the "steeliness, calm strength and determination of Obama." Excuse me while I vomit. Burns wimpers about how "Romney injected politics into the presidential race." Well, duh. No, Mr. Burns, I spluttered, it is you and your corrupt cronies who inject leftist politics into your reporting every day. The embassy attacks are the inevitable result of President Obama's failed Arab Spring foreign policy and coddling of Muslim Brotherhood thugs. Mitt Romney was right to make the comments he did. At this point I realized that my blood pressure was spiking. Canceling my subscription was the only prescription to alleviate this potentially dangerous condition.