Farm Bill-Inspired Food Fight

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported a student food fight in a Plum School District (Pennsylvania) cafeteria when the kids revolted against the federally-mandated contents of their lunch plates. From the article: "...USDA guidelines announced in January require any school that participates in the federally subsidized National School Lunch Program to reduce the number of calories in a meal based on the age of the students and offer more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Schools also are required to eliminate trans fats and reduce sodium content, and each student must take a fruit and a vegetable as part of any federally subsidized meal." Among other motives, the food nannies at the Department of Agriculture may just have been following up on a little-noticed feature of the current farm bill which expanded crop subsidies and allowed politicians to harvest campaign contributions from new segments of American agri-businesses. Crop subsidies are a form of agri-socialism...(Read Full Post)