Elizabeth Warren and the Cab Driver

American politics have always been rough and tumble.  Civility is not a requirement.  Technology has given politicians more scope in their invasive campaigning techniques.  The candidate tracker is such a feature.  Today's campaigns assign a tracker to follow the opponent from event to event with an audio/video recording device to record their every move.  They hope to capture embarrassing moments, or in some cases, perhaps create such moments.  Paparazzi-like confrontations are a risk of the trade. Both Massachusetts candidates for the Senate, incumbent Scott Brown (R) and challenger Elizabeth Warren (D), use trackers.  On 26 August a tracker from Senator Brown's campaign was tracking Ms. Warren at an event in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard.  After the event, Ms. Brown and her companions entered their vehicle, a large SUV owned by Martha's Vineyard Taxi, Morgan Reitzas (The Boss).  Mr. Reitzas was the vehicle driver. Mr. Reitzas then...(Read Full Post)